Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Switzerland Adventures-Acceptance

Me: Good morning Mama, how is your day?
Mother: My day is great, waiting for you so we can take breakfast together
Me: sounds great
While I am preparing the tea my mother like, I checked my email to receive a very nice surprise during that hectic time of finals: 
Dear Candidates,
As per your repetitive request to know the top five nominees based on the assessment scores, kindly find here under the list which was shared with the juries in Basel last month and those are (in no order):
 Mennatallah Mamdouh
Hossam Shahin
 Bassant Salah
 Shaimaa ElSafoury 
 Tarek Mamdouh
Currently we’re waiting for the final decision from Basel that should be communicated towards the end of June with the final top 2 candidates who’ll join the international Campus in Basel.
That was fantastic news, but I still could not be the one of the two candidates,so I decided to go with the flow and wait till June and see how it will work. I  only know Menna among those four names, so I sent her a message; on the other hand, by June, I received a facebook message from Menna that we both are accepted. I opened my E-mail to read: 
It is with great pleasure that we inform you that your application has been accepted. We look forward to welcoming you as a participant at this year's BioCamp event in Basel, Switzerland!
After reading the email, I felt good. Finally, I will join a new Novartis adventure, but this time will be at the European side; at the mother headquarter; Novartis Basel
As we got closer to August, Menna and I prepared for our travel experience, for all travel related preparations were organized by Novartis Egypt perfectly. We were lucky to be accepted, and we were so excited to start a new adventure. We both got our VISA and had a deal to meet at the airport 2 hours earlier. So, I left that day silently, took a bus to Cairo, used a subway to Helioples, and took a Taxi to the airport; a crazy decision I took after I called my friend Mostafa who told me how I can get to Airport using public transportation. 
Finally, Menna arrived wearing a jeans and a red blouse with a lot of luggage. We laughed on our way to the checkpoint; since that time, our trip changed into a radio wave of ups and downs!

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